808's & Heartbreaks

A Tale of Love and Hate. Craziness and Sanity. A simple glimpse into my love and it's life. Also a way to display my for Kid Cudi. <3 Me some Cudder. The world as i view is crazy amazing place with lots of random ramblings, vents, and rants. So I promise to write it as i feel it. Sit back and enjoy <3

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Its been a while

Well its been a while..but ive been so caught up with life. But let’s see there had been a bunch of changes in my life. Sorry I’ve been posting as much. I haven’t even did a reblog shame on me.lol

"Whats going on, I'm a part of a new record label called Epitome Family and when I ran across your blog I seen you had good taste in music so I had to follow and would appreciate it if you could check some of our stuff out and give me some good honest feedback" With love, epitometre.

Will do. I am also artist as well so be on the lookout for new stuff from me. But I will make sure that I am being as honest as possible

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Per cicely


Per cicely

Im #dead

Im #dead

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Well there is alot going with me. So sorry for not post much as late. I just feel like the universe is out to get me.

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“If you could fight anyone, who would you fight?”

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Well i have successfully finished my first semester. Even thou things started to fall apart towards the end of the semester but never the less i finished. Oh boo yah summer school I have kicked your ass! Things are seeming like they are coming together. Im starting to live life. If i really think back on my life and where i was like 4 years ago. I am so proud of myself. Even when it comes to my relationships; i make better decisions. I am even ready to cut some people loose. I am at a point in my life that if you are not trying to motivate yourself and achieve your dreams.Then i dont have time for you. Why should i surround myself with people who dont want to get any where in life?