808's & Heartbreaks

A Tale of Love and Hate. Craziness and Sanity. A simple glimpse into my love and it's life. Also a way to display my for Kid Cudi. <3 Me some Cudder. The world as i view is crazy amazing place with lots of random ramblings, vents, and rants. So I promise to write it as i feel it. Sit back and enjoy <3

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Exactly what I feel about a certain someone

Exactly what I feel about a certain someone

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Well I hate to say this but I have a crush but I’m going to see where things go first.

The Best tips ever!!

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All things take time. I guess i am learning to be more patient. Especially when it comes to me and my love life. Things are starting to look up and i am happy. Even my squishy noticed i was in a happy mood. Which made him in a happy mood. That made me smile. I think im starting to like him. But who knows what will happen. I am very wishy washy person at times    


Bonds is what ties us to people. The bonds you make with people last for ever. I find myself looking at my bonds with people lately. I noticed that i am very careful about who i allow into my life. Trusting very is easy to hard to do once you let someone but once they brake that trust. I know for myself once i let someone in and that trust is broken. It can be the most fucked up thing ever! I went through that with Dr. Doom. Once a woman gets hurts, she wont know how it feels when someone appreciate. her.So she ends pushing them away.

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oh yeah!!

oh yeah!!

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