808's & Heartbreaks

A Tale of Love and Hate. Craziness and Sanity. A simple glimpse into my love and it's life. Also a way to display my for Kid Cudi. <3 Me some Cudder. The world as i view is crazy amazing place with lots of random ramblings, vents, and rants. So I promise to write it as i feel it. Sit back and enjoy <3

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New Year…Back to old Dee

It’s been a while since posted. I kind feel im treating tumblr like a step child..lol.Well life is okay im starting to get my life back to the way i’ve picture it. This year i didnt make any new year’s resolutions..I going to live in the moment more and make everyday like it’s my last. So things between me Dr.Doom are okay. Honestly i got a feeling we will be friends..Imma let things play out. One thing i can say is im back to my old self and feels good :)